Arcane Tides

Telnet: Port 7000

General commands you can use to help your adventuring:
Alias          set up alias system
Ansi          turn on colour
Ansitest          test colour
Brief          toggle minimal descriptions
Email          reset your email address
Finger          find info about another player
Help          find help about a category
Password          change password
Quit          leave the mud
Reply          reply to a tell
Save          save the character
Tell          send a private message to another player
Who          find out who is online
Xterm          toggle Xterm colours

Player associated skills:
Advance          raise levels and stats (from guild only)
Align          find you alignment (angelic - demonic)
Cost          find cost to raise (from guild only)
Describe          add a description
Drop          drop an item
Emote          use an emote
Eq          quick list of equipment
Examine          same as look
Exchange          exchange xp for money
Get          pick up an item
Give          transfer an item
Hp          display current hp/sp
Hpw          toggle hit point display
I          inventory list
Kill          start attacking a target
Look          look at something/someone
Money          determine money
Party          form a group
Prof          list weapon proficiencies
Put          put an item in a container
Remove          remove an items of armour or jewellery
Resistances          list of resistances
Score          full list of player attributes
Shout          tell the whole mud
Spare          list how much experience is spare (from guild only)
SS          shorter version of score
Stats          list stats such as combat etc
Stophunt          used to stop hitting a target
Study          advance guild level (from guild only)
Take          same as get
Train          advance guild level (from guild only)
Unwield          unwield a weapon
Wear          wear an item of armour or jewellery
Whisper          send a secret message to somoene
Wield          wield a weapon
Wimpy          set hit points upon which you will run