Arcane Tides

Telnet: Port 7000

When you enter Arcane Tides, you will start in the centre of town (COT) in Alinor - see map on website or "read map" in starting room.

The first commands i usually use are:
Ansi On (to enable colour)
Brief (to only show brief descriptions, if you type "l" or "look" you will get the full description)

Other commands you can use are:
Lost (teleport to starting room)
Bury (to gain some health back from a corpse)
Bind (uses spell points to regenerate hit points)
Compare (to compare weapons)

When starting in the centre of town, use command "pull lever" to get some newbie equipment.

Then to get to a good area for newbies go:
down, out, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, se, se, e, e, se, se, e, e, e

If it is night, you may need a torch which you can buy from the shop. Note you can always use "lost" if you get lost.

Note that equipment will not be saved on quit, and will drop on the ground.

Once you have killed a few monsters travel to the adventurers guild (out, e, e, s) from COT to advance your skills. You can type "advance str" to advance strength for example. If you cannot advance any more stats then use "advance level" to advance levels.

Feel free to ask other players for advice or help, some classes such as clerics can heal you and many players will have spare weapons or be willing to party.

Please report any bugs or things that need fixing.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy the game!